How does twilikes work?

When you signup for twilikes, you will be able to select which articles do you want to share. When you share links to your website, your followers/fans will click and you will be paid a share of the revenue generated by that click activity.

Where can I drive traffic from?

Wherever you have a following of engaged users, twilikes is a great fit. You can post content that twilikes knows is already going viral. You don't need to buy hosting/domains and creating content. Your followers/fans will love the links you share from twilikes and you'll get paid for every click. It's a true win-win.

How can I share the links?

Go on campaigns then click on "Generate link" button. You can copy/aste the generated link to your page and the image/title/description will appear. After that, you can delete the link from post title. In this way it will look better.

My audience is targeted - will they work for twilikes?

You can select from multiple categories of interests. For example we have articles for these niches and much more: celebrities, health, beauty, popular, viral, nutrition etc.

How much money can I make?

Publishers with large and engaged audiences can make several thousands dollars, though your earnings will vary depending on a number of factors like quality, clicks, countries, devices

When and how do I get paid?

You will get paid on weekly basis, only for quality traffic. For example if you earned minimum $20 from Monday to Sunday, you will be paid Monday. All earnings from Monday to Sunday will be paid next day.

How do i setup my payment method?

On "Payments" section click on "Config Payment method" then select what type of payment method do you prefer and fillout with your details.

Can I have more than one account?

No. A Publisher can have only one account.

How much do I earn per click?

It depends on the quality of your traffic source, country, quality of visitors and other different factors. Please check our payout rates table in order to see the fixed prices per device/country for quality traffic.

When my account can be banned or disabled?

Your account can be suspended from our network if you are diverting traffic from BOT, Software, Traffic From Adult Post, Using fake descriptions to mislead traffic and change thumbnails of the posts etc. Continue doing that will get your account terminated and all earnings will not be paid.

What is the payment method?

We support Wire transfer, PayPal and Payoneer.

How do I get started as publisher?

Publishers need to create an account then after confirmation you will be able to access dashboard area. Publishers need to choose the best and relevant content from campaigns that will highly engage your audience.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we do. It is located in the left menu named "Referral Earnings". Here you can view who registered under you and how much did you earn for every user.

How can I earn more money from my pages?

We pay the highest for US traffic, along with UK,CA and AU traffic. Try to send traffic from these countries and you will earn the highest.

How do I increase my click quality?

You can increase your click quality by posting the text that we provide and use the thumbnails that get automatically generated. People should know exactly what they are about to click on when they do. If you trick people into clicking your links to think it's something else, or to think they are enlarging some photo, people will click the link only to realise that is not what they expected to be.

My thumbnails do not show up when I paste the link into Facebook/Twitter?

If this is the first link you have posted on Facebook for this article, sometimes Facebook needs to scan the link to generate a thumbnail and save it to their server first. Try pasting the link, and then wait 10 seconds and refresh the page, then paste the link again and the thumbnail should show up. If it still does not show, please contact your account manager.

Why did my earnings all of a sudden dissapear?

The day may have switched over while you were refreshing the page, so your earnings for "Today" may now be moved to "Yesterday".

Where should I contact if I need any help?

For any queries related to twilikes, you must use the twilikes inbuilt chat system located at bottom right corner of the screen. We are generally online all the time, sometimes the response gets a little delayed but we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why didn't get paid this week?

Our minimum payout is $20 USD, and these payments are finalized at midnight Sunday morning. Also, if did you select Wire transfer as payment method, please note that the processing of wire payments may take from 2 to 4 working days.

What is spamming? How can I stop it?

Spamming can happen if you post twilikes links in comments on Facebook posts or else you mislead the people by modifying the thumbnail. If you are caught doing any spamming, you will be banned and no further questions will be entertained.

How many pages can I use to send traffic to twilikes?

You can have as many as pages you want but in each household only one twilikes account is allowed.

Why my twilikes account was banned?

1. May be your bounce rate is high. 2. May be you are delivering useless or unwanted traffic or bots. 3. May be you posted unwanted posts misleading others. 4. Your quality score is very bad.

I want to advertise with twilikes. Can you give us traffic?

We are not giving traffic to any websites currently but if that happens in the near future, we will let you know.

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